Employee Trainings


We organize and deliver online live training for companies and small businesses, individually or group sessions for building soft skills of employees. 



Every good story has a character, structure and a message. Do your employees report data or tell stories? How we communicate with customers, it sure makes sense. You can learn the art of storytelling and develop your rhetoric skills. 



It is important for people to understand and realize, that self-organization and self-management is a skill that anyone can learn. The programme is focused on Time management and the power of good habits.

Design Thinking


Each and every innovation starts with mind training. Industry 4.0. is changing the way we think and design thinking helps us understand the needs of our users. Very recommended for Salesforce. 

New Value


Knowing WHY we do what we do, what keeps us motivated, what drives us to do our job, and how far are we ready to invest in creating the new value helps employees to collaborate, to participate, to design a better version of themselves.

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Mag. Maja Jankovič, prof.

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